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MidiQuickFix allows you to directly edit the events in a Midi file.
It is intended to make it easy to find and fix small problems in a Midi sequence without the need for a complex Midi sequencing program.
It has also become a useful Midi and karaoke file player.
Current Features

MidiQuickFix currently provides the following:
Open, Save, Save As
Sequence Control
Play, Pause, Stop, Rewind, Set position
Loop, Set loop in point, Set loop out point
Adjust Tempo
Scalable Control Buttons
Track Event list
Show/Hide Note events
Lyrics and Text (Karaoke)
Track summary
Insert event
Delete event
Edit event : Position, Note, Value, Patch, Channel, MetaData
Transpose Sequence
Future Features

MidiQuickFix will probably be enhanced with the following:
Split events to a separate track per channel
Convert NOTE_ON 0 events to NOTE_OFF

The original motivation for MidiQuickFix was to repair and enhance some 4 part choral sequences to use for rehearsals.
For example I created separate versions for each of the parts with the main part panned to the right at full volume and the other parts panned left at a lower volume.